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Get rid of the smaller jars afterward, then go to the corner where the larger one was hiding, to find 2 Cracked Pot. When you walk down the pathway, you'll see that it's been divided into two by two pathways higher than the other and one that runs down the middle. When you look downwards, you will see another scarab which you can kill to acquire the Ash of War: Stormcaller. Pick up the Kukri x8 from the left high path before dropping back down and enter the door at Elden Ring Runes the far end that room. You will find the boss door as well being a Spot of Grace. Inactivate it to open the Spot of Grace and rest if you need, but it's not yet boss time yet.

You should instead take the other route which will reveal one of the giants and soldiers waiting. It is easy, but the soldiers can be pesky when confronted. Make sure to get them under him , and there is a chance that he will just knock them out with his brutal slam attack. If not, you can try to lure troops into the smaller room that the giant won't enter. Once you've put the giant at one against one fight, you must stand in front of the giant until he is preparing an attack. Run underneath him and strike the back of his legs. It is most likely to make him miss his strike, allowing for some unintentional hits. Be aware of his foot stomp , which could cause a lot of damage in the zone of impact.

When the enemies are defeated, you can grab the Smithing Stone [2] from the side of the alleyway nearby to it with the Golden Seed from under the tree ahead. Take a look to the right and there will be an object located behind the line stormhawks. Take a step forward and grab it without alarming the hawks in order to obtain at the Golden Rune [2]. It is then possible to kill them in order to get to Elden Ring Items for sale the staircase they are guarding and reach at the Smithing Stone [2] that is located above them.

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